Ghana 2012

This year (2012) the PROSI Charity Project committed 5 houses to the underprivileged people of a remote village in Western Africa. The project started in the middle of January 2012 and was completed by the 24th of March 2012. The entire work was conducted under the direct supervision of PROSI CEO, Mr Prince Pallikunnel. On completion of the work and during the handing over ceremony the entire Village honoured Mr Pallikunnel by giving him the title ‘ TORGBO DOTSE-EWE II (Chief II of Tagborkope/Sasakope). The handing over ceremony was a colourful event and was attended by over 350 individuals which included the Village Chief, the District Collector, Indian friends living in Africa etc.. For details click the link “The beneficiaries of Prosi Charity – Village House Project in Africa – 2012”.
The beneficiaries of Prosi Charity- Village House Project in Africa- 2012

1) Mr. Agbeko Addor & Family

2) Mrs. Tagbor Charty & Family

3)  Mrs. Elolo Yohome & Family

4)   Mr. Torgbe Tsatsu & Family

5) Mrs. Awusi Akudipo & Family

PROSI Charity – Village House Project in Africa 2012- Inaugural Ceremony on 24.03.2012
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